ITAR Registered and Compliant Manufacturer

Akylex Gunsmithing and Arms was started in 2013 to leverage the skills of Dan Watson.  Dan started his passion for firearms when he was just 8 years old. He would frog hunt with a 22Short rifle, the one that his father used in 1939, plinking along the Ohio River.  Dan attended Gunnery Officer and Ship's Self Defense Force Leader School.  As Ordnance officer, he was responsible for all of the small arms on his ship, as well as the missiles and 76mm Gun.

Akylex Gunsmithing and Arms received its Class 7 FFL in February 2014 and has built a new facility to service and sell firearms.  This is just the first step toward a goal of having a full service facility for firearm enthusiasts.

Dan began studying Gunsmithing in earnest in 2012.  He wanted to apply his talents to a craft that he would enjoy well into his years.  He graduated from the Penn-Foster Career School and received a diploma for Gunsmithing.