Terms and Conditions


1. Definitions:

Sales -Business transactions between the Customer and Akylex Arms LLC that are fully in compliance with all Federal, State, and Local regulations. Akylex Arms LLC will refuse any sale determined by Akylex Arms LLC to be a "Straw Purchase" by the customer.


Item - Product purchased by original customer, for firearm sales the customer is the person that is listed on the Form 4473, having received the transferred firearm.


Service - Services provided to the original customer, not including restoration services or firearm transfer fees. Restoration includes refinishing both metal and wood articles provided by the customer.


Purchase Price - cost of product or service provided to the customer including sales tax, but does not include the markup of the product or service for the customer's use of a credit card. Purchase Price for firearms is further defined as 100% of customer cost for new in box firearms that are returned undamaged within three (3) days of date of firearm transfer to the customer, after three days and up to one year from the date of transfer of the firearm - firearm price will be determined based on firearm's condition using firearm value provided by "Blue Book of Gun Values", latest edition. "No Joke" guarantee does not apply to firearms over one (1) year from the date of transfer of the firearm.


2. Guarantee:

If the customer of record is not 100% satisfied with any item or service they purchased from Akylex Arms LLC, they may return the item for a refund of the item's purchase price or request a refund for services provided by Akylex Arms LLC, both in accordance with "Definitions" listed above.  Akylex Arms LLC may repair or replace items to the customer's satisfaction to fulfill this guarantee.


3. Sales and Service to the Customer

Akylex Arms LLC reserves the right to refuse sales or service to any customer, where this refusal is in accordance with all Federal and State regulations.  Additionally, if Akylex Arms LLC determines that the customer is abusing the product and service guarantee, Akylex Arms LLC may at it's sole discretion refuse future sales and services to the customer.




ITAR Registered and Compliant Manufacturer